Atmana Inc.


Atmana's design for employees
live and work anywhere!

We, at Atmana are determined to create a healthy and effective work environment. We acknowledge that our organization is most thriving when our employees can work in a habitable environment.

We strongly believe that as a team we will provide impactful output through this initiative by working in an environment that enables us to be flexible.

Thus, we are enabling our team to work from anywhere permanently by collaborating in a highly coordinated way.

Atmana considers Work from Anywhere because:

1. Work without geographical boundaries

One of the notable advantages is having a lot more expansive scope of job possibilities that are not confined by geographic location. This enables collaborative teamwork across organizational and geographical boundaries around the globe.

2. No Commute Strain

The large number of hours that is spent by an individual daily through commuting is associated with expanded pressure and strain levels. Work from Anywhere enables employees to sustain their mental and physical health. Hence this initiative results in more focus, less stress for the employees.

3. More power to flexibility

Many remote jobs also arrive with adaptable workspace/timetable and as we belong to the healthcare domain, we would love to see our employees attaining flexibility (In terms of choosing their own place/space to work) by being productive in the utmost manner.

4. Effect on Sustainability

Remote Work maintains various sustainability to live and work and has a positive impact on the environment. Work from Anywhere can reduce the travel emissions from people’s commute and save the energy.

We would also encourage our employees to work closer to nature, away from the polluting cities. This creates savings, sustainable cities, environmental change, and reliable consumption.

We developed this policy to guarantee that working from anywhere is fruitful for our employees and organization. Our top emphasis is the health and well-being of employees, clients, associates, and communities. This policy is designed to give flexibility to our employees to live and work from anywhere.

Please note: Employees will be expected to connect in the office and work once every 4 months for about 2 weeks at a stretch.