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What is allowed during recovery?


It is one of the most obvious questions asked other than “ how long will it take for my erectile dysfunction to be fixed” during the reboot process. Moreover, there is no one set process that works for all. The  basic problem with porn addiction is getting hooked to artificial sexual stimuli and the need for change to return to your normal sexual responsiveness.

While it is important to understand that recovery is not just about porn elimination, it is about reversing unnatural dopamine secretion and Sensitisation. As the reward circuitry of our brain only knows squirts of dopamine, it has no idea as to what porn is. It all comes down to whether you are reactivating sensitised addiction pathways. But a finer question should be “ what type of training  does your brain require for changes and am I doing the right things to rewire my brain”?.

You are not advised to quit all dopamine producing activities, you can replace your addiction with fun activities like exercise, socialising, meditation, developing a new hobby etc. Research also shows that these activities actually help regulate dopamine levels and your mood. You might want to use an app that helps in quitting porn addiction and also a website blocker and help you stay on course.

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