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Rebooting Explained


Porn addiction or Pornography like any other kinds of addiction might damage relationships and might have a bad impact. It is important to seek advice, support or treatment if you are struggling to quit porn.

Rebooting is the method of recovering from porn addiction, masturbation and sometimes orgasm for a few weeks to months. The idea behind Rebooting is to get your brain back to its original condition. By refraining from problematic sexual habits, we can ‘reboot’ the brain to its default factory settings.

There are different ways in which people choose to reboot, all of them are valid. You can not go back to the past to erase all the activities that caused the addiction but you can heal many of the brain damages through rebooting. However, this process is highly subjective and differs from person to person. Some people face sporadic urge and flatline periods. Some have their worst hankering in the first two weeks. Some have rather severe withdrawal symptoms. Some feel relaxation for a shorter period of time but the rest of the journey is challenging. Some feel terribly worried and uneasy while some feel less anxious overall but also have a stagnant sex drive for weeks. On the other hand, some people don’t find out that their sex drive has recovered until they get intimate with their real partner after several months.

The expeditious way to reboot is to divert your brain from artificial sexual stimulation- porn, porn fantasy, browsing dating apps and erotica. Sensual contact with a real partner can be beneficial as long as you do not fantasize about porn. While some engage in genital intercourse, avoiding getting close to orgasm. Rebooting is the main component of the process of recovery from porn addiction. If you’re trying to quit porn addiction, NoPo is the app you need on your phone. It’s one of the most highly rated quit porn app on Google play store.

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