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Is it okay to fantasize during the reboot process?


Fantasizing activates sensitized addiction pathways, causes an increase in dopamine, which further increases restlessness. It increases the chances of relapsing and keeps addiction pathways active. Some lab studies show that fantasizing about sex de-motivates individuals to engage in romantic relationships.

  • A lot of guys report that fantasizing during reboot has the opposite of the desired effect. It is rather better to rewire your brain to the real deal.
  • Fantasizing is healthy and normal but the problem arises when you change your focus to constant masturbation only with wrong, non-real scenarios and women.
  • Some people prefer avoiding all the fantasy even looking at women or everything related to sex while rebooting. Fantasizing slows down the process tremendously.  So first decide to quit porn and stop masturbation as well. That’s a great start.

Fantasies should be avoided once you start rebooting because, in the beginning, our fantasies are the modified versions of the porn scenes that are saved in our brain. It numbs brain activities. A healthy person will not be harmed with his fantasies, while a porn addict who keeps fantasizing will only make things worse.

Porn fantasies can lead to relapsing in future and they can enforce the neural circuitry to crave for it more. However, there are some fantasies that might not cause, provided:

  1. It does not involve sexual acts.
  2. It does not involve any Porn stars.
  3. It does not  focus on specific body parts
  4. It does not strictly involve visuals, it can include other senses such as touch, smell and sound

Getting out of fantasies is a hard task but it becomes easier after a while. You start noticing your sexual desire completely depart from you. And this can make some people panic. But this was just a beginning in the process of quitting porn forever with no fantasies. After a few days, he said that he started to arouse naturally. It was incredible.

Therefore, to conclude, It is not okay to fantasize about porn, it makes your recovery difficult and maybe longer. Will power is not always dependable. It will help to have a web filter on your phone to effectively quit porn.

If you’re wondering for ways to avoid watching pornography, NoPo Gold might be a helpful app for you.

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