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Is having sex necessary for rewiring?


The nofap process will help with rewiring of the brain from porn addiction. Rewiring will speed up things once normal sensitivity is restored. But there is a point where a person either does not connect with women naturally because he had watched porn from say, age 9 to 21 or there is a point where the brain can deeply wire for porn that the porn- pathways will never weaken.

A story shared by one of our users:

“I lost my virginity when I was 20. I never had any previous sexual contact with a girl before, but I had been masturbating to porn since 6 years. I masturbated first at the age of 14, so I didn’t do anything to have an erection for a real girl. It was naturally there. I used to masturbate only minimally and did not escalate to porn compilations. So I guess I didn’t get desensitized. I didn’t start on porn but the point here is that I naturally had wiring for a girl. So, do you think a guy can abstain from PM and all O’s until he can get erect with touch alone, and therefore be able to have sex with a real girl without rewiring?”

I don’t know if this applies for all people, but yes it is possible to reboot without rewiring. Because if you can get an erection by a mere touch you can have an erection when a girl is touching you. Unless some unique anxiety happens.

Some people assume rewiring as “real sex”. They believe they have to have sex to rewire. However, just imagining girls, being around them will help in wiring one up. So,  I think anyone can rewire to real partners.

A few guys visit prostitutes to rewire to “normal sexuality”. But it does more harm than good.  It is nothing like intimacy with a real partner.

It’s also important to understand that anything that isn’t normal doesn’t help rewire the brain. That’s the reason rewiring requires completely abstaining from watching porn. You might want to install an effective website blocker on your phone.

Rewiring is learning. Hence, it should be consistent. Few visits to prostitutes will not do any good. Secondly, rewiring should match reality. Also, the inability to achieve an erection with a prostitute will create more anxiety. If you’re trying to figure out how to get rid of masturbation habit, you might want to check out NoPo app.

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