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FAQs on reboot


How long does it take to reboot?

For some it takes less time while for some it takes more. An average reboot takes 90 days-120 days. Therefore it is recommended to set goal ( say 90 days) and then divide it into smaller goals that will be easier to achieve.  You can divide it like :

  • 3 days;
  • 7 days
  • 2 weeks;
  • 3 weeks;
  • 4 weeks
  • 6 weeks
  • 2 months;
  • 3 months;
  • 100 days.

Can I go back to watching porn after reboot?

No, if you start watching porn again, your whole journey of quitting porn will be in vain. Rebooting means completely quitting porn, and living a real life instead of the cybernet one.

Is it ok if I only watch porn once while rebooting?

No, it is not ok to watch porn while rebooting – not even once. If you want to successfully reboot in a shorter period of time then you have to stop watching pornography completely. If you watch porn, it will set you back by around ⅓ of your reboot and end up with a urge so you do it not only once and end up killing your whole reboot process. It’s advisable to install a porn blocker app to help you stay away from it.

Is it ok to masturbate without porn?

It is a better choice than combining it with porn. Still, if you want to reboot successfully, you should stop masturbating as well.

What is edging?

A masturbation without orgasm.

Is edging ok?

Edging is not the best way to reboot rather it is a temptation. But, you could end up having an orgasm.

Can I have sex?

Yes, if you’re experiencing ED you can try to avoid it for once. However, In any other case – go ahead. It shoots libido levels and has positive effects on your reboot.

What does PMO stand for?

P – Porn

M – Masturbation

O – Orgasm.

What does PE/ED/DE mean?

PE – Premature Ejaculation

ED – Erectile dysfunction

DE – Delayed Ejaculation

What is a flatline?

A period of time when you have zero sexual desire for sex. But it’s only a phase and it passes.

So where does one start on the reboot?

First of all you can start by getting rid of your porn related collection. Delete all the videos, pictures, bookmarks and throw away porn related magazines.

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