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HERE’S HOW Social Media Impacts your Mental Health

Thanks to social media, today we are way more connected than ever before. Such a network had never been established across any historical period. But, with the pros of social media, also come its cons. Often we’re so blind-sighted by the glamorous appeal of social media, we fail to realize the negative effect it has […]

5 Precautions YOU MUST take Before your Child gets on Social Media

Imagining your kids joining social media? Does that scare you? Do you fear your kid’s safety on the internet? Don’t worry you’re not the only parent who feels this way. The internet and all these social media platforms can be a scary place. But, eventually, your child is going to make a social media profile […]

Social Media Impacting Modern Society – BIG TIME!

Social media usage has skyrocketed over the last few years. Especially in the last decade. At the start of the 2000s, only 5% of Americans had social media accounts. Today, that number is close to 80%. Experts have displayed some concern over the current workings of social media. Especially, the amount of time spent on […]

What Is The Impact Of Social Media On Teenagers Today?

Have you ever noticed a teen or a high school kid use social media? In the 30 to 45 minutes they spend scrolling through social media in one sitting, you will notice them experience an entire roller coaster of emotions. They experience all the emotions from ecstatic, envious, heartbroken, furious, charmed, sad, anxious, obsessed, and […]

The Top 5 Apps You Need To Increase Your Productivity In 2021

With the new year just beginning, have you set yourself the goal of becoming more productive throughout the year. In the dynamic world that we live in, everything changes every other minute. The moment you decide to step back and take a break, there goes your chance at being successful. Don’t misunderstand this. As humans, […]

Digital Minimalism 101: How To Become A Digital Minimalist


Our lives have become extremely tech-centric. Over half the activities we do in our daily life involves a digital gadget in some form or the other. Increasingly with each passing day, we are becoming slaves of technology and our relationship with it is becoming extremely unhealthy.  But, thankfully people today are starting to become aware […]